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Tour Machu Picchu Perú

Adventure and exploration through the magical energies of Machu Picchu, the Andes and other ancient cities in Perú and Bolivia

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Equinox Adventure
Machu Picchu Perú & Bolivia

September 16th - September 30th 2016

15 Days, 14 Nights

Cost: $3,490 U.S. per person 

for full itinerary, costs and details

Our indigenous guides will lead you on a magical journey through Incan and Aymaran lands in Perú and Bolivia, visiting ancient temples and cities like Machu Picchu,  exploring the amazing energies of the land and waters, and answering your questions on arts, culture and the remarkable history of the Inca and Aymara:


  • Explore the ancient city temples, pyramids and other sacred sites in Machu Picchu​ on the Equinox

  • Experience the Sacred Valley in Peru led by our indigenous guides​

  • Experience the natural beauty and healing power of the earth at magnificent ancient cities in Perú and Bolivia​

  • Journey through rich mountainous regions in the Andes and explore Lake Titicaca and other areas of stunning natural beauty​

  • Tour the art and history of La Paz and the Witches Market

  • Explore the ancient ceremonial grounds at Tiwanaku in Bolivia



for full itinerary, costs and details


Itinerary, Costs and Details

Click here for complete itinerary, costs and details.

Natural Beauty

In our sacred adventures we explore destinations with the most spectacular and beautiful natural history in the world: virgin jungles intermingled with beautiful lakes, rivers and volcanoes; caves, valleys and ravines; mountains and plateaus. The ecosystems often contain countless species not found anywhere else today. Many of these natural regions are also sites of enormous archeological significance, centers where traditional indigenous cultures still offer ceremony at their sacred temples sublimely blended with nature’s lush beauty.

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