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"Our adventures overflow with astonishing ancient architecture, breathtaking natural beauty, rich and colorful indigenous cultures  and, often, lifetime connection with fellow journeyers."

Joseph R. Giove

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We invite you to journey with us to ancient, enchanted lands and experience the beauty and depth of indigenous cultures. Along with our local indigenous guides, we will guide you through a unique tapestry of ancient civilizations brought to life through their living decedents, breathtaking natural beauty, local indigenous cultures and historic cities and temples that honor the spirit of the land and connection with fellow journeyers.

Please take a moment and see yourself journeying with us to these enchanted lands. Together we will explore and enjoy…where the journey is the adventure!

-  Joseph R. Giove

Natural Beauty

In our sacred adventures we explore destinations with the most spectacular and beautiful natural history in the world: virgin jungles intermingled with beautiful lakes, rivers and volcanoes; caves, valleys and ravines; mountains and plateaus. The ecosystems often contain countless species not found anywhere else today. Many of these natural regions are also sites of enormous archeological significance, centers where traditional indigenous cultures still offer ceremony at their sacred temples sublimely blended with nature’s lush beauty.

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